Who creates the itinerary? And can we request visiting specific venues?

Grape to Glass takes responsibility for customising your itinerary in a way that caters to your interests and requests whilst ensuring the group can be punctual for all bookings given timings and distances. In short, you can nominate some of the venues you want to include from the list below, or leave the planning up to us. Note that we are not a shuttle service, if you are simply after a driver we suggest contacting one of the areas shuttle services (eg Vineyard Shuttle Service).

Any recommendations made or venues included on the tour are not be based on any commercial arrangements with venues or service providers. We include venues that we believe make sense in terms of you interests and the itinerary, as well as places that we know are currently providing good service. Due to bad weather we may on occasion need to change the itinerary as many venues provide outside seating due to limited capacities inside.


What are tasting fees? And are these included?

Most venues now charge a tasting fee per person to try their range of wine, beer or spirits. The average fee is $5 to $30 per person, depending on the experience.

The cost of tasting is included in the cost of your tour unless you request to visit a vineyard that we do not work with (see listing below).


Which vineyards do you go to?

We constantly revise the vineyards we go to, here are the vineyards that make the grade:

Irongate Estate (V, DF)

VAMP by Lisa McGuigan (DF)

Carillion Wines at Talavera Grove (DF)

Vinden Estate (V, O, DF)

Domaine de Binet/Ballabourneen (DF)

Pepper Tree (DF)

Glandore Estate (DF)

Tamburlaine (V, O, DF)

Gemelli Estate

Hanging Tree Wines (DF)

Briar Ridge (DF)

Mira Wines 

Margan Family Wines (V, DF)

Theleme Wines at Black Creek Farm (DF)

Usher Tinkler 

Krinklewood Organic wines (O, DF)

Running Horse Wines 

Leogate Estate (DF)

Oakvale (V, O, DF)

Tintilla Estate (DF)

Gartelmanns (DF)

Harkham Wines (V, DF)

Talits Estate

Hunter Distillery (V, O, DF)

Greenway Wines 

Comyns & Co (DF)

Horner Wines (O)

Ivanhoe Wines (DF)

Ironbark Brewery (DF)

Small Mouth Vodka (V, O, DF)

Kiss O Fire (V, DF)

McLeish Estate 

M&J Becker Wines (V, O, DF)

Ivanhoe (DF)

Savannah Estate (DF)

Keith Tulloch 


DF = Dog Friendly, V = most/all wines are vegan, O = most/all wines are organic


Do your tours cater for children and non-drinkers?

Yes and yes!! Being a private, customised tours means we can include non-drinkers and under 18s at a cost of $39pp excluding children below school-age who are free. We have one booster seat available for ages 2 to 7 if required and there are many child-friendly vineyards to explore.

How many pets can I bring?

A maximum of 2 dogs and 5 people or 1 dog and 6 people can fit comfortably and safely in our pet-friendly vehicle. Dogs must stay on the lead at all times during the tour and are the responsibility of the owner/s at all times throughout the tour. Grape to Glass will provide restraints that attach to the seatbelt and to your dogs harness/collar.

Please note all dogs 20kg in weight and over must wear a harness for travel.

Grape to Glass reserves the right to stop a tour should the dogs conduct become unsafe at any time. Payment of the deposit is considered agreement with these terms and conditions.


How have tours changed due to Covid?

As of July 2020 all venues will require you to leave your contact details or check in via QR code, and sanitise hands before entering. Because of the extra time needed to do this a full day tour generally includes four to five vineyards (as well as lunch) particularly for larger groups.

It is also important that we are punctual for all bookings due to limited capacities at venues and this is the job of your tour guide (please let us know if you intend to travel to the Hunter Valley the morning of your tour).

General Ts and Cs

Grape to Glass Boutique Wine Tours is not responsible for or liable for the services provided by third parties, including wines, meals, and various activities. Grape to Glass Boutique Wine Tours is not liable for any tour guest's conduct and safety at a venue (i.e. vineyard/brewery/distillery/eatery) during the agreed hours of the tour.  For safety reasons, guests are encouraged to always wear appropriate footwear during the tour (e.g. flat shoes, sandals), sunscreen and hat when required.  Should guests be taking prescription medication that may interact with alcohol, it is advised that a doctor be consulted prior to attending the tour.

Payment of the deposit is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.